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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Silly Saturday

This is just a silly little story I wanted to share.
As a Mother, everyday my children do things that make me proud, smile and laugh. Today's story is one of laughter.
This week at school my two nine year old twins were given a topic they had to write about. The topic was if you could meet someone famous, who would you want to meet? why? and where?
My daughters story was one we all expect to hear. She wanted to meet Miley Cyrus, in her dressing room, because she really likes her music. ok.
Now for her brother's story,  He would like to meet Superman, because he is so strong ... but wants him to come here , because he doesn't want to travel to far to meet him.  hahahaa hahahaa .
Yes, Bill Cosby was right  ....  Kids say the darndest things.  


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  3. And they still say the funniest things even when they are older. thanks for the great comment you left on my post yesterday. I'm looking forward to the exercise tips....i think I'll give up on the skipping!

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  5. That's funny. Kids are hysterical.

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